All Hail The Rock God! Photoshop Spawns Climbing Hilarity

Photographer Ted Schiele took the climbers out of rocks with some photoshop magic. The result is hilarious.

All hail the stone boulder photoshop
Photo by Ted Schiele

Praise be to the stone! We are grateful for the grit, and for the community. But especially for the calluses. We give you thanks, Rock God.

New England-based photographer Ted Schiele had some fun with his latest album. When climbers are photoshopped out of boulders, the spotters suddenly turn into worshipers, holding their hands up in praise to nothing but rock.

Check out his full album below as well as his Instagram profile and personal photography site here.

All hail the stone boulder photoshop
Photo by Ted Schiele

PRAISE BE TO THE STONE: Bouldering Photoshop Album

Click to view larger image.

All photos used with permission of Schiele Photography.

Nate Mitka

Midwest born, Nate Mitka is based in the GearJunkie Denver office. He is an advocate of all outdoor activities and has developed some habits, like running without headphones, eating raw vegetables, and fixing the chain on his ratty old bike.