Teaser: Kilian Jornet Documents Back-To-Back Everest Ascents

“Today I feel … so f**king slow.”

He may have felt that way, but a slow day for Kilian Jornet is still jaw-droppingly fast. In 2017, the Spanish ultra-athlete shocked the alpine climbing world with not one, but two blistering ascents of Mt. Everest.

In May, Jornet rocketed to the 29,029-foot summit in 26 hours – without supplemental oxygen. And if that weren’t enough, the then-29-year-old went up again five days later from a higher altitude in just 17 hours.

Kilian Jornet Everest summit twice without oxygen
Jornet Speed-Climbs Everest, Twice In One Week

Without oxygen or fixed ropes, Kilian Jornet summited Everest for the second time in one week. Read more…

In this teaser for his documentary, “Path to Everest,” we see firsthand the humor and humility of Jornet’s incredible expeditions.