Indoor climbing in the OCÚN Nitro
OCÚN Nitro toeing into an edge on the Kilter Board; (photo/OCÚN)

LEMUR Design Slab Wall: Rock Climbing Training Board Adjusts to Slab Angles

Climbers will have a new way to hone strength and skills with the latest product from LEMUR Design.

First unveiled during the 2022 CWA Summit in Salt Lake City, LEMUR Design announced the official release of its 24 x 14-foot adjustable Slab Wall, which the company said will offer “a new perspective to gym owners and climbers.”

Unlike most training boards, the LEMUR Design Slab Wall adjusts to a -10-degree slab angle.

LEMUR Design has become well-known for its partnership with Kilter, resulting in the Kilter Boards that can be found in climbing gyms worldwide. Ian Powell, the mastermind behind Kilter, pushed for the Slab Wall design for 3-4 years, and LEMUR Design engineer Abel Chouinard finally answered.

The result? A “totally different way to climb and train indoors,” according to the press release.

Features of the new Slab Wall include push-button adjustability from -10 degrees slab to 40 degrees overhanging. The wall also comes in multiple sizes, from 8-12 feet wide and 12-14 feet tall.

The framing is metal, and LEMUR says only high-quality electronics and hardware are specified.

The first Slab Wall is currently being installed in Hawaii.

LEMUR Design specializes in high-quality adjustable wall kits, climbing gym projects, and training tools. With over 130 walls installed across four continents, LEMUR is one of the world’s most experienced adjustable wall companies.

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