Mountaineers Log 1st Ascent in Pakistan, Ski Down Without Supplemental O2

Red Bull’s recently released adventure film ‘Doo Sar: A Karakoram Ski Expedition’ documents the action-packed first ascent and descent of Yawash Sar II, a 20,000-foot peak in the Karakoram range.

In spring 2021, ski mountaineers Andrzej Bargiel and Jędrek Baranowski embarked on a historic, alpine-style mission. Backed by their ski expedition team, they dedicated 10 days to conquering two unbridled peaks in the Karakoram’s frozen and unforgiving backcountry.

Andrzej Bargiel on the first ascent of Yawash Sar II, April 30, 2021; (photo/Jakub Gzela, Bartłomiej Pawlikowski; Red Bull Content Pool)
Andrzej Bargiel on the first ascent of Yawash Sar II, April 30, 2021; (photo/Jakub Gzela, Bartłomiej Pawlikowski, Red Bull Content Pool)

“Doo Sar: A Karakoram Ski Expedition” follows the Polish alpinists’ exciting expedition in Pakistan’s high-altitude wonderland. In just under 50 minutes, using 360-degree drone footage, the gripping film documents Bargiel and Baranowski’s treks up and down Yawar Shar II (20,269 feet) and Laila Peak (20,000 feet).

And here’s the kicker: The mountain athletes accomplished it all without supplemental oxygen.

Andrzej Bargiel seen during his Ski Expedition when trekking from Shimshal to the Yawash Sar II base camp in Karakoram, Pakistan on April 30, 2021.
(Photo/Bartłomiej Pawlikowski, Red Bull Content Pool)

Bargiel gained prominence on the ski mountaineering scene with his 2019 ski descent of K2. But Baranowski, though an adept skier and climber, entered the grueling Doo Sar challenge having no previous experience at higher elevations.

Get a taste of the very real action in the short teaser above, then watch “Doo Sar: A Karakoram Ski Expedition” in full.

Runtime: 46.5 minutes

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