Nirmal Purja 14 Peaks Nothing Is Impossible documents mountaineer on his journey up the world's tallest peaks.
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New Film Follows Mountaineer’s Ascents Up World’s 14 Tallest Mountains

Premiering today, ’14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible’ is a feature-length film that documents a climber’s quest to ascend the world’s most unrelenting summits in record time.

How long does it take to summit the world’s tallest mountains, and is it possible to do it in a single season? Those are the leading questions behind Netflix’s “14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible.”

The title alone tells you some key information about the feature. The film has something to do with 14 mountains, and it suggests that there’s some barrier yet to be broken. But which 14 peaks does it refer to, and what about them seems to be so out of reach?

Only 14 mountains stand 8,000 m (26,247 feet) above sea level. Fewer than 50 mountaineers have summited all of them. And, until recently, no one had done so in fewer than 7 years.

Nirmal Purja, the Record-Breaking Mountaineer

Nirmal Purja 14 Peaks Nothing Is Impossible documents mountaineer on his journey up the world's tallest peaks.

In 2019, Nepalese-British climber Nirmal Purja set out to add his name to mountaineering’s most elite roster. But there’s more to Purja’s “Project Possible” plan than a tick list — he wanted to break the speed record of 7 years by sending it all in just 7 months.

There are a lot of high-altitude peaks in the world. In the land of mountaineering, summits are categorized according to their approximate elevation as measured in meters. Six-thousanders, seven-thousanders, and eight-thousanders are the most sought-after and formidable peaks.

Typically, the degree of risk required to summit a peak rises with the elevation. Altitude sickness, avalanches, gear failure, lapses in judgment, unfavorable weather conditions — any minor mishap can prove devastating.

“14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible” documents Purja and his team of sherpas as they attempt to summit the likes of Mount Everest, K2, and other iconic peaks in record time.

Check out the trailer below and stream the film on Netflix today.

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