This Is What Summiting Everest Looks Like

Step for step, the final push to the top of the world’s tallest peak looks arduous. Thankfully, Elia Saikaly (@eliasaikaly) brought a nice camera to the top!

Join one climber on top of Mount Everest via a Canon 5D with a 16–35mm lens. The filmmaker calls the footage “raw and unfiltered.” One thing is for certain: It sure looks windy and cold!

Everest Summit: Among The Best Footage Yet

In 2013, Saikaly summited Everest as part of his “On the Top” series for QTV, a Quatari television channel. While the summit of Everest is well documented, this might be the best video we’ve seen to experience the raw experience of climbing Mount Everest.

On the Top documented the first woman from Saudi Arabia, man from Palestine, and Qatari man to stand on the top of Mount Everest. Six episodes premiered, produced in association with camera assistant Panang Kaji Sherpa.

The films were the recipient of the CINE Golden Eagle Award. His recent release, “Everest – The Summit Climb,” is from that expedition.