wood penis austrian alps
Photo credit: Marika Roth

People Are Stumped By a Mysterious Wood Penis Erected in the Alps

Someone actually built a lifelike wooden phallus in the Austrian Alps. Nobody knows who did it, or why they went through what must have been significant effort, but here it is.

The hills might be alive with the sound of music, but they appear to be downright thrilled for the time being. That’s because hikers came across an unexpected surprise atop Austria’s Ötscher Peak last week: a giant wooden erection.

No one has claimed responsibility for the surprisingly realistic monument, which stands several feet tall. Though impressive, relative to the overall size of the mountain, the sculpture is rather modest.

Images of the structure surfaced when longtime hiker and photographer Marika Roth posted them to her Facebook page.

One image shows the hashtag #OtscherPenis carved in the side. But no further clues as to its origin or purpose exist.

The penis juts up, supported by rocks at its base, from the 6,200-foot Austrian peak.

But it’s probably not worth adding to your bucket list. Ski lift operators in the area warn that a storm will likely topple the juvenile statue before long.

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