El Cap Rope Solo: The Remarkable Climbing Feat Few Will Understand

Pete Whittaker rope soloed El Cap in less than 24 hours. It’s an accomplishment of extreme magnitude, but it’s kind of hard to understand. That means he free climbed, lowered, and cleaned each pitch, all by himself.

“Without a partner: Pete Whittaker rope solos El Capitan in under 24 hours” chronicles a niche climbing endeavor of absolute insanity. For most, aid climbing El Cap over the course of several days is a lifelong goal. To free climb El Cap, or get up entirely on your own physical strength, is a whole different beast.

In Nov. 2016, Whittaker climbed the Freerider route, ascending about 3,000 feet over 35 pitches rated up to 5.13. He did it under 24 hours. For each pitch, he climbing up, set an anchor, descended, and jumared up to clean his route! Watch in awe as he struggles up the monster route, climbing through day and night.