The History of America’s Storied Climbing Crag, ‘the Gunks’: Watch

Black Diamond profiles Russ Clune, a man who dedicated his life to climbing in the Gunks of upstate New York. Learn about the crag and watch some scary new-age trad leads in this video.

“The Lifer” is a profile of the passionate Clune and his home in New York. Sam Elias joins for the adventure and puts up some impressive climbs while in the Gunks.

wired speed climbing
Why It's Almost Impossible to Climb 15 Meters in 5 Seconds: Watch

Wired breaks down the Olympic format of speed climbing. Alex Honnold,┬áJordan Fishman, and a biomechanist star in this analytical look at rock climbing. Read more…

Nate Mitka

Midwest born, Nate Mitka is based in the GearJunkie Denver office. He is an advocate of all outdoor activities and has developed some habits, like running without headphones, eating raw vegetables, and fixing the chain on his ratty old bike.