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So iLL Launches New Climbing Hold System From Longtime Crusher Jason Kehl

So iLL releases a new line of ‘system’ climbing holds designed by master shaper and athlete Jason Kehl. Check out the latest creation from this famous dirtbagger.

With his latest line of climbing holds, So iLL’s Jason Kehl looks to introduce “a new system” for gym training. The “World of Illusions” boulderer tailor-made the holds for climbers with home walls or more standard training walls like those in indoor gyms.

“You can set the holds to mirror each other and train both sides of your body more evenly,” a spokesperson for So Ill said.

Kehl created a new line of 33 holds spread over 11 unique styles. Hold styles include most of the classics, including jugs, flakes, pockets, edges, pinches, slopers, and foot holds.

Each style comes in three levels of difficulty: easy, moderate, and hard. That allows climbers to slowly increase their difficulty while focusing on specific weaknesses. They’re available in a few dozen different colors. Prices vary — but not too much. A pair of flakes or jugs or pockets will cost $60, while interested buyers can get 10 footholds for $50.

so ill climbing holds
New climbing holds from So iLL; (photo/So iLL)

Interactive Training Boards

Climbing training boards have become more sophisticated and more popular in recent years. That’s led to increased interest in indoor systems from climbing companies, and a greater diversity of options for gym rats looking to improve their training regimen.

The new generation of SICTBs, or small climbing walls, have functioned to let climbers drill down on their particular weak points. These compact and usually overhanging walls often feature a colorful variety of LED-lit climbing holds. The most popular example is likely Ben Moon’s Moon Board, which allows climbers all over the world to try landmark boulder problems from the comfort of their gym.

Check out this nifty explainer to learn more about interactive climbing boards, and how to use them.

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