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Watch the Cheapest vs. Most Expensive Rock Climbing Shoes Go Head-to-Head

Ever wondered if those pricey climbing shoes are really worth the cash? Find out in this fun edit from Nate Mitka.

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Can a different pair of kicks actually level up your climbing ability?

Anyone who has seen the REI selection of climbing shoes these days has likely wondered about the differences. What the heck separates an “aggressive” bouldering shoe like the La Sportiva Testarossa from the “entry-level” Black Diamond Momentum?

The first answer is simply the price: A pair of Testarossas will cost $220 compared to the $100 Momentums. To test their climbing abilities, YouTuber Nate Mitka tries out both pairs on the same five bouldering routes, rated V1 to V5. His verdict is what experienced climbers will already know about “the best climbing shoes:” It’s all about what you want to do.

If that sounds confusing, you’ll just have to watch Mitka’s repeated attempts with both shoes and see how they stack up.

Runtime: 14.5 minutes

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