Vanhee, Larcher Explore the Upper Limits of Trad on ‘Le Voyage’

You could describe this route as ‘hard,’ but that’s not quite it. ‘Gnarly?’ Yes, but nah. ‘Nails’ is something like it, but ‘singular’ might be best.

How special is “Le Voyage” (E10, 7a)? So special that almost no one who tries it can climb it. Special enough that world-class trad climbers like Babsi Zangerl, Jacopo Larcher, and Siebe Vanhee dedicate entire trips to trying it. 

It’s so special that first ascensionist James Pearson called it no less than “a miracle of nature.”

Scintillating runouts, thuggy reaches, desperate seams; “Le Voyage” collects all the classic elements of a leading-edge, traditionally protected climb. Watch Larcher and Vanhee hurl themselves at it with their full mental and physical resources in this edit by The North Face. 

Runtime: 10 minutes

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