Mentor Story: Yosemite Veteran and Youngster Climb El Cap

In rock climbing’s increasingly plasticized new wave, one of the sport’s original pillars has started to erode: mentorship.

In Mark Hudon’s younger days, there was only one way to learn how to climb: go to the cliff and figure it out.

That’s exactly what the prolific Yosemite climber did, establishing a decades-long career and a thick catalog of ascents on El Capitan and elsewhere.

Hudon learned from and climbed among the best along the way. Now, he finds himself at the end of a full circle: mentoring a talented young climber.

Watch Hudon and Jordan Cannon take on El Cap in this Arc’teryx video. Climbing may be changing rapidly, but the companionship it’s founded on remains the same.

Runtime: 31 minutes

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