Watch: 2,000 Miles by Bike and Surfboard

Friend duo Cooper Thomas and Pius Kazimieraitis, aka the Coastal Sifters, quit their jobs to tour the coast by bike — surfing and picking up trash along the way.

“We wanted to be able to surf, so if there’s no swell, we’ll just bike more. And we’ll clean up beaches along the way,” they explained. The two embarked on July 9 and will bike over 2,000 miles from Seattle to the Baja Peninsula. They plan to finish in November.

Their concerns? Hurricanes, wildfires, and learning how to bikepack. “At the end of the trip, hopefully we are okay at biking,” said Kazimieraitis.

The Coastal Sifters just entered Mexico. You can follow their bike tour on Instagram @coastalsifters.

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