Commercial Fishing Meets World-Class Skiing in This Short Film

It’s not often that a captain of a fishing boat is also a skier. But for McKenna Peterson, that’s just life.

“I fish because I love to fish,” McKenna Peterson says in this short film excerpt. And she goes on to tell the story of how both fishing and skiing provide an interconnected lifestyle in her home landscape of Alaska.

In 2017, Peterson’s father passed, and she took over the captain’s spot on her family’s fishing boat. With the help of her siblings, she’s maintained the salmon fishing operation in Southeast Alaska since. And her skiing is as much informed by her fishing as she clearly was by her father’s wisdom.

This piece exemplifies that connection, both in the hard-won grit of a fishing life and the elegance that only high mountain lines can provide. You can watch the full-length ski film “Huck Yeah!” via Matchstick Productions on a variety of platforms.

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Nicole Qualtieri

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