Urban Awareness Jacket

Most cycling gear leans towards either fashion or function. Cordarounds’ reversible jacket does both: One side is urban and cool, but turn it inside out and you’re more visible to nighttime drivers.

Cordarounds Urban Awareness Jacket

The San Francisco-based company describes the jacket as a “mashup of moto couture, Tron and Thriller!”. The more traditional black with silver highlights side of the jacket takes care of the moto fashion angle. It’s a straight-up stylish jacket that looks great on or off the bike.

But turn it inside out and the Tron factor arrives big time: When car headlights hit the jacket it practically explodes with reflective properties. Zombies dancing to Michael Jackson could see you in this getup at night.

Stylish and safe: One side is reflective to make the wearer more visible at night.

Like two stylish jackets in one, the Urban Awareness hit the market this month. It’s only available from the manufacturer for $225. www.cordarounds.com

—Stephen Krcmar

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