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Meet Ollie: Dog Food Made Fresh, Delivered to Your Door

Ollie promotes your dog’s health and longevity through customized meals that ship on your schedule.
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Take the concept of a fresh food delivery service and extend it to dogs. That’s the idea behind Ollie foods.

Ollie bakes fresh meals and snacks at low temperatures to preserve nutrients. Uniquely, it creates a meal plan of these foods based on your dog’s breed, age, weight, and lifestyle.

We know active dogs need more calories. But how much protein and carbs should make up those calories? Your vet can advise you, of course, and Ollie’s assessments can help keep your dog’s diet on track.

The brand’s menu offers several meals for variety, well-rounded nutrition, and one recipe specifically to appease picky eaters.

See why pet owners choose Ollie to deliver fresh, nutritious meals.

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Customize Your Dog’s Nutrition

Dog food brands tend to make a lot of different formulas, and Ollie is no different. But Ollie also goes one step further by offering app-based health screenings. These include a digestion analysis to look for signs of any common nutritional needs in those samples you pick up in the yard.

After downloading the brand’s app, you upload a pic of Fido’s poop and will get advice from one of Ollie’s vet techs within 24 working hours. There’s a dental analysis based on a photo of your dog’s teeth and gums and a weight analysis derived from a general photo.

From there, you’ll have food recommendations ready to ship to your door on a schedule that works for you. If that sounds confusing, there’s a canine care team to assist. Orders ship free anywhere in the contiguous United States.

Fresh-Cooked Food

Ollie works with veterinary nutritionists to formulate recipes using carefully sourced, quality ingredients made in U.S. facilities. Choose from three meal plans: Full Fresh, Half Fresh, and Mixed Bowl, each of which includes a custom daily portioning plan based on your dog’s caloric needs.

In short, Full Fresh provides a full meal of fresh meat, fruits, and veggies for the utmost nutrition per serving. Half Fresh is a half serving that you mix with another kibble. And lastly, there’s the Mixed Bowl, which combines a Half Fresh meal with Ollie’s own Baked kibble.

You’ll find the same approach to nutrition in its treats and supplements, which target common health needs like joint pain, coat health, and anxiety.

When it comes to pet foods, it’s just as important to note what’s not in there. Ollie omits preservatives, harmful fillers, corn, wheat, and soy.

Take a look at what’s cooking at Ollie.

A look at the menu of “human-grade food” from Ollie; (photos/Ollie)

The Menu

  • Chicken Dish With Carrots: Real chicken, carrots, and rice make a gentle recipe made for dogs with sensitive stomachs or picky palates
  • Beef Dish With Sweet Potatoes: Real beef, sweet potatoes, and peas make a hearty blend of the essential nutrients needed by dogs of any age.
  • Turkey Dish With Blueberries: Real turkey, blueberries, and kale make a light and lean recipe with plenty of essential nutrients.
  • Lamb Dish With Cranberries: Real lamb, cranberries, and butternut squash are a fresh variety of ingredients to change your pup’s mealtime.
  • Pork Dish With Apples: Real pork, apples, butternut squash, and oats are formulated for picky eaters and dogs with allergies to common proteins like chicken or beef.

Baked Goods

There’s also kibble to complement the Fresh food. Ollie’s Baked recipes minimize the processing to maximize the nutrition in the ingredients. Currently, Chicken and Beef make up the Baked line.

Beef and Sweet Potato: Like the fresh recipe, the beef and sweet potatoes pack a powerful punch of vitamins and minerals, plus there’s nutrient-rich liver and oats added into the mix.

Chicken and Carrot: Chicken is the star with support from chickpeas, eggs, and veggies for a nutritional mix of protein, fiber, and antioxidants in each meal.

Fresh Food Delivery

As you can tell, Ollie puts a lot of energy into making food right for your dog. Other fresh dog foods are on the market, but this delivery service adds to the appeal. So do the health screening options.

If you want your dog to eat food formulated with an emphasis on nutrition and health check out the different meal plans. You can always start with a Half Fresh meal plan to mix with your current dog food and see if it makes a difference in your dog’s coat, activeness, or behavior.

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This post is sponsored by Ollie. Read more about the brand’s Fresh and Baked pet foods online.

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