New Sport? Drone Tugs Wakeskater Across Pristine Shallow River

Red Bull ‘wakeskater’ Brian Grubb executed the first ever winch-to-drone handle pass while navigating the tight, winding turns of Slovenia’s Sava Bohinjka River.

This is not your dad’s wakeboarding video. With the help of a 53-pound German drone, Red Bull’s Brian Grubb skimmed along the surface of the alpine river. Along the way, he jumped over half-sunken trees and boulders, at times gliding over water just inches deep.

And to cap it off, the wakeskater pulled off the world’s first winch-to-drone handle pass. When he was in tow of the Infineon Technologies drone, Grubb was able to navigate the river’s tight turns deep in the┬áJulian Alps.

While drone-powered watersports aren’t new, this level of technical maneuvering on water so shallow may open up whole new areas of rad recreating.