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‘Smashproof’ Gear Bins, Multifunctional Grayl, and More Emerging Gear

These days, it seems there’s always a great new idea around every corner. Peruse our Emerging Gear column for the newest and coolest stuff to hit the market.

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To buy gear or not to buy gear: That is … never the question. At least not at GearJunkie. When we’re not testing or writing about cool outdoor products, we’re looking forward to what comes next in the eternal quest for innovation.

While purism sometimes has its place in outdoor sports, we wouldn’t hesitate to try a gadget that adds power to your surfing and paddleboarding. Same goes for some sweet new shield sunglasses, or a water bottle that doubles as a cookpot, mug, and purifier. When it comes to new ideas about gear, we say, “Why not?”

Read on for the latest in Emerging Gear.

Limar Livigno Full-Face Helmet

Limar Livigno helmet; (photo/Limar)

Looking for full-face protection on your MTB adventures? Limar has now got you covered (literally).

The bike company just debuted its Livigno full-face helmet, the latest in the E_VOLUTION collection. It’s ideal for enduro and downhill riders wanting a lightweight, breathable helmet with increased face protection. It offers an adjustable visor, ventilation, and MIPS Node safety system. The Air Fit Evo size adjustment system allows for multidirectional adjustment around the head.

Removable cheek pads are available in different thicknesses, and the magnetic closure system lets you fasten and unfasten the chin strap quickly even when wearing gloves. A medium helmet weighs just 590 g. It comes in medium or large sizes and four color options. The price clocks in at $250.

Grayl GeoPress Titanium Filter and Purifier Bottle

Grayl GeoPress Ti Filter and Purifier Bottle; (photo/Grayl)

If James Bond ever went camping, I imagine he’d bring along a water bottle like this one.

Grayl, a company long focused on water purifiers, just released a water bottle with an impressive blend of functions. The GeoPress Ti Purifier Bottle builds on its titanium UltraPress filter, and combines water purification and cooking capabilities into a “multifunctional masterpiece.”

Essentially, it’s a water collector, filter, purifier, drinking vessel, and cookpot — all in a single bottle. We’re excited to test this one, so keep an eye out for the GearJunkie review. The bottle costs $200 and is available from both Grayl’s website and REI starting March 1. It should arrive in REI stores by late March 2024.

Matador Gear Tags

Gear Tags; (photo/Matador)

Let’s face it: Airlines ain’t what they used to be. If you’re a frequent flyer, then you understand the danger of lost or delayed baggage — especially on international flights. To make sure your bags find their way back to you, Matador has engineered these Gear Tags.

They are write-on yet waterproof, and claim to “fit any bag or pack, including closed loops or handles.”

These handy little straps offer a durable way of securing contact info on luggage or equipment. At an awesome $15 for two tags, they might just save thousands of dollars worth of gear from the exigencies of travel.

BUFF National Parks Collection

Beware, lovers of National Parks! This collection of National Park-inspired BUFFs is guaranteed to please.

Designed by Northwest-based artist Gretchen Leggitt, the Buff National Park Collection features seven CoolNet UV neck tubes with artwork of Zion, Yosemite, Rocky Mountain, Glacier, Grand Teton, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone national parks. With UPF 50, these “soft, stretchy and seamless” summer BUFFs pair well with any outdoor activity.

Get all seven for $168 (for you and your friends), or buy them individually for $24.

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Gregory Alpaca Gear Organization


Are you obsessed with keeping your stuff organized? Do you often describe yourself using the word “fastidious”? Then Gregory would like a word.

The pack brand just dropped the Alpaca Gear Organization collection, designed for various outdoor uses and built for “long-lasting” use. It includes eight products, ranging from duffel bags and cases to totes, baskets, and boxes.

The full range of storage options runs from a 5L to 70L capacity. And while gear boxes and totes are not a new concept, the hallmark of these are the waterproofing and “smashproof” lids, as well as the collapsible design on the totes and basket.

Personally, I think the $250 Alpaca Gear Wagon looks pretty sweet, with 140 L of storage, all-terrain wheels, and a collapsible frame. It even comes with a rain and sun cover shelter. For other storage needs, the waterproof and dustproof Alpaca Gear Box 45 offers plenty of durable protection.

I’m already over here boppin’ to Gregory’s gear storage slogan — pack it, move it, use it!

Wiley X Founder & Recon Shades

The Founder shades; (photo/Wiley X)

Wiley X just dropped two sweet new frames: the Founder and Recon. Both offer 100% UVA/UVB protection, lightweight frames, and dual-injected rubber temples.

Designed to honor the company’s founder, U.S. Army Veteran Myles Freeman Sr., the WX Founder offers maximum eye protection in a bold, square silhouette. They’re built to last, come with removable side shields, and cost $150-206, depending on frame options. Bonus: they are also prescription-ready.

As for the WX Recon, they’re meant for the “most extreme adventures.” That means impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses as well as removable and replaceable side shields. They cost between $150 and $216.

REEF Ojai Sandal Collection

The Ojai Collection; (photo/REEF)

Watch your feet, Birkenstocks! The competition is on its way.

With the new Ojai Collection from REEF, the company has aimed at the famously relaxed footwear with its own line of breezy sandals. It’s the most “luxurious and refined” collection they’ve ever released, REEF said. The sandals (and slides) are made with a non-marking rubber outsole, suede upper, and stitch-free glove leather lining.

The Ojai Flip-flops, Slide and Two Bar will run $100-120 and only come in men’s sizes 7-13.

Goldwin 2024 Trail Running Kit

The 2024 running kit from Goldwin; (photo/Goldwin)

To develop some new trail running gear, Goldwin partnered with sponsored athlete Dylan Bowman, who has twice won the Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji.

Bowman’s ideal for apparel is something that “would make you forget you were wearing it,” the company said in an announcement. That meant focusing on reduced weight and comfort.

The collection includes the PERTEX SHIELDAIR A/L Jacket and Pants, which cost $380 and $300, respectively. There’s also the Goldwin Star Trail Pack for $210. A Hybrid Wool T-Shirt is also coming soon — but for $130. That’s one expensive tee.

Boost Surfing Tech BOOST FIN

The boost fin works with both surfboards and SUP boards; (photo/Boost Surfing)

Surfing purists might roll their eyes at this one, and suddenly feel a kinship with cyclists who think e-bikes are the worst thing to ever happen.

But the electrification of outdoor sports is unlikely to slow down, and the Tech BOOST FIN certainly has the potential to make a big splash. This motorized fin adds power to both surfboards and paddleboards. This updated version hooks up to any board in 5 minutes, and offers a remote control for adjustable speed. It’s also lightweight, compact, and “shockingly resistant.”

It’s currently on sale for $500 on the Boost Surfing website.

Solos AirGo Smart Glasses

Solos AirGo 3 Smart Glasses; (photo/Solos)

These glasses are pretty nifty.

Once paired with a smartphone, the Solos AirGo 3 Smart Glasses use ChatGPT to answer questions in real time and even perform live translation. After debuting in January, these AI-powered glasses are finally available for purchase online.

With several operating modes, including Listen, Group, Text, and Present, there’s clearly plenty to play with here. With the translation feature alone, Solos hopes to “transform international business and travel.”

They cost between $200 and $300, depending on your frame of choice. Not bad for sunglasses packed with tech!

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