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My head is still spinning. My feet are damaged but on the mend. To say the 2010 Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race was a crazy time would understate the experience. But after almost seven straight days of racing — and hundreds of kilometers traveled on bike, foot, and kayak — Team Gear Junkie completed the full course through Tierra del Fuego and managed to grab a 4th place finish. Check out the race updates and photos from our reporter, T.C. Worley, here. And below there are a smattering of photos from Worley capturing some of the action from the week. There will be more updates and extensive gear reviews to come as I wind down and get back into real life here at home. Until then, I have to say a huge “thanks” to my teammates Jason Magness, Chelsey Gribbon and Daniel Staudigel; to T.C. Worley, our crack reporter and photographer onsite in Patagonia; to Dennis Piretra at Wenger (who convinced me to sign up for this crazy event in the first place!); to the Gear Junkie readers who cheered us along the way; my wife and family for taking care of things (like our three kids!) back home; and to the passionate, hard-working, and tireless staff and volunteers in Chile who made the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race possible! —Stephen Regenold

Daniel Staudigel (in front) leads Team Gear Junkie through arid terrain on the race’s first trekking section; photo by T.C. Worley

Stephen Regenold, a bit exhausted, moments after finishing the event; photo by T.C. Worley

Team Gear Junkie running to make up time on the 6th day of the race; photo by T.C. Worley

Peanut butter fuel before beginning a 46k paddle on the Beagle Channel; photo by T.C. Worley

Jason Magness in front on a trek near the Beagle Channel; photo by T.C. Worley

Moving boats into the icy waters of the Beagle Channel; photo by T.C. Worley

Regenold on the move in the mountains; photo by T.C. Worley

Back to civilization. Stupid grin of relief on the bus ride to Puerta Williams after the race; photo by T.C. Worley

Team Gear Junkie at the finish line; photo by T.C. Worley

For more of T.C. Worley’s photos, go to:

Stephen Regenold

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