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2,000 Miles, 25 Runners, One Big Green Bus

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Run, bus, run. Bus, run, bus. Watch one runner’s bizarre journey on a bus-based, cross-country running trip.

A while ago, runner and writer Ricky Gates had a crazy idea for a running trip on a bus. But what does that exactly look like? Thankfully, Salomon TV produced “Bus Run Bus” to share the journey with us.

In just a week, Gates attempts to connect with 25 strangers across 2,000 miles of the American West. What could go wrong?

“This was not going to be a cruise. This was going to be a bus full of smelly runners,” one participant said.

The trip went through locales like Yosemite, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. So for lots of runners, it was hard to pass up.

“We’re just gonna go for a really fun run,” Gates comments in the film. And while we can’t all run in packs right now, it’s good inspiration for later.

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