Epic Trail Run: Try This Hong Kong Ultra Challenge

Hong Kong is home to millions of people and thousands of buildings, but just outside the city are hundreds of rolling trails.

Hong Kong’s most epic endurance adventure is our dose of running inspiration for the day. The Four Trails Ultra Challenge is 298 km of continuous trail running across four mountain trails that surround Hong Kong.

If you trail run, you’re probably imagining picturesque backdrops of mountains and lakes — but that’s not the case. On this course, runners encounter green trails against a backdrop of a cityscape full of high-rises, bridges, and buildings.

The trail network consists of the Maclehose Trail (100 km), the Wilson and HK trails (128 km), and the Lantau Trail (70km). It’s not a race but a challenge to survive: There are no aid stations, and only minimal support is allowed.

The goal is to attempt the challenge in 60 hours or less for victory, and in 72 hours or less to be named a “survivor.” A handful of individuals (we’re talking maybe 20 people) take on the Four Trails every year. And that’s enough to keep the insane challenge going.

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