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Legendary Race Director Laz Lake Talks How to Survive a Backyard Ultra

The inventor of the famously painful Barkley Marathons travels to New Zealand to share his thoughts on a backyard ultra.

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When Lazarus Lake speaks, it’s best to listen. The bearded Tennessean‘s been directing some of the world’s most grueling ultra-distance races for the last 40 years or so. The most famous is the Barkley Marathons — a 100-mile suffer-fest as elite as it is eccentric.

Yep, Laz knows a little about pain, which is why he’s a great interview in JUST ONE MORE LAP, a short documentary about a backyard ultra in New Zealand. Backyard ultras are, if anything, a step above the rest when it comes to psychological suffering.

The events usually comprise ultra distances within a compressed geographical space — a backyard, if you will. Imagine running 100 miles in a circle around a yard that could be mowed in 20 minutes.

What does Lake have to say about the events in JUST ONE MORE LAP? You’ll have to watch to find out. It will either convince you to never run one of the things, or to be dead set to give it a try. There’s no middle ground.

Runtime: 18 minutes

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