Mirna Valerio Is a Skyrunning Inspiration

Mirna Valerio is a wife and mom. She’s also a skyrunner who’s defying the stereotypes of what a runner should look like.

Mirna Valerio probably isn’t who you think of when you think of awesome runners. “We tell ourselves these narratives … whether or not we belong in a space,” Valerio said. “It’s hard, and sometimes, you just have to blow that shit up.”

What is skyrunning, you ask? It’s an extreme endurance sport where you run at and above treeline on grades topping 30 percent. It’s a painful amount of elevation gain and loss across very steep terrain. In the words of Valerio, suffering is par for the course.

Watch the full video as skyrunner Valerio takes on California’s Broken Arrow Sky Race. Sponsored by Salomon, the short film won accolades at four film festivals, including the Women’s Adventure Film Tour. You can follow Valerio’s other ultra-journeys here.

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Watch: The Evolution of Skyrunning

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