Eat Frosting, Win Ultras: Rising Star Clare Gallagher

Clare Gallagher won the Leadville 100 with no previous big race wins and on a diet of vegetable broth and cake frosting. Watch the film that shows her one-of-a-kind path to the podium.

REI’s film, “Changing Course,” shows the life of one of ultrarunning’s latest up and comers, Clare Gallagher.

Now 25, she lives in Boulder, Colo., and ran at Princeton. She didn’t step onto the competitive ultramarathon scene until winning the inaugural Thailand Ultramarathon 80k in 2014.

Ultrarunning Diet And Running Plan

During ultras, her diet consists of vanilla cake frosting, Snickers, Butterfingers, homemade rice balls, Sour Patch Kids, caramelized ginger, Coca-Cola, salted potatoes, and vegetable broth. She cannot eat gluten due to celiac disease.

Her training centers around speed. She maxed out her Leadville 100 training at 90 to 100 miles per week. She claims “If you can’t increase your max speed, you’ll never win.”