Faction Skis Releases Cringe-Worthy Crash Reel

What do you get when you put a bunch of pro skiers together on tough terrain? Lots of edits — and lots and lots of outtakes.

For most of us, ski season is done for the year. That means it’s time to cue the crash reel. After Faction Skis‘ successful season of ski movies, it’s time to watch the footage that didn’t quite make the cut.

Unlike most ski videos, this edit is full of high-def, slow-mo fails and bails. Everything from double ejections to yard sales, this cringe-worthy crash reel explains what it’s like to dedicate yourself to a high-risk sport.

Bop along to the jazzy, upbeat music and enjoy plenty of “oops” and “ouch” moments. We’re talking slips, slides, tumbles, fumbles, and face plants, on everything from neighborhood rails to big-mountain drops.

The crash reel, edited by Etienne Merel, includes footage shot on location in Finland, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, and France.

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