LifeStraw home glass pitcher

Travelers, Ditch the Bottled Water: LifeStraw Pitcher Provides Clean H2O From the Tap

Filtering water from lakes and streams is great, but what about your overseas Airbnb? Meet the LifeStraw Home glass pitcher.

International travel is great — new food, new cultures, and some much-needed R&R. But it usually comes at the cost of a bunch of plastic water bottles. And even if you can find recycling (never a guarantee), you’re still not reducing or reusing.

Thankfully, water filtration brand LifeStraw may have the answer. Known for its camp and adventure-suited portable filters, LifeStraw today unveiled the kitchen-friendly Home glass pitcher. With the capacity to remove more than 99 percent of microbes from up to 1,000 liters of water, this pitcher may finally help travelers wean off of bottled water.

LifeStraw Home Glass Pitcher

LifeStraw Home glass pitcher

Live today on Kickstarter, the LifeStraw Home glass pitcher uses two-stage filtration to remove bacteria, protozoa, chlorine, bad odor and taste, heavy metals, and microplastics. And according to LifeStraw, it’s the only home water pitcher to do all that.

Made from shatter-resistant glass, the pitcher holds up to 7 cups of water. Its microbiological filter will last up to 1,000 liters, and the carbon filter — responsible for removing chlorine, heavy metals, and bad taste — will filter up to 150 liters.

LifeStraw Home will retail for $55. But it’s available on Kickstarter now for early-bird discounts that include replacement filters. See below for full specs.

LifeStraw Home glass pitcher

The LifeStraw Home glass pitcher should help reduce dependence on bottled water during travel. And that could be huge for cutting down on plastic waste while avoiding traveler’s diarrhea during international travel, work, and play.

LifeStraw Home Glass Pitcher

  • Material: Shatter-resistant glass
  • Filtration: Two-stage
  • Lifespan
    • Microbiological filter: 1,000 L (264 gal)
    • Carbon filter: 150 L (40 gal)
  • Capacity: 56 fl. oz. (7 cups)
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs.
  • Height: 11.2″
  • MSRP: $55
  • Colors: Cobalt Blue, White
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