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Margarita flavor Clif Shot Bloks

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Among all the oddball energy-food products I’ve tested in the past year — from organic health goo to a bar developed by the U.S. military — Clif Bar & Co.‘s new margarita-flavor gummy chews struck me as most absurd.

Indeed, the very premise of an alcoholic frou-frou drink compressed into a tiny block of translucent jelly — you must admit — is just plain silly.

Margarita flavored Clif Bloks

Further, Clif Bar & Co. expected me to munch these things down while running or riding near my athletic limits?

But, lo, after hesitantly popping a few in while training this winter, Margarita flavor Clif Shot Bloks have won my respect.

The dice-size gummy cubes — which, if you were wondering, contain no alcohol — are made to provide easy-to-eat energy while on the go, with 100 calories and 24 grams of carbohydrates in each pack of six. Ingredients include brown rice syrup, cane juice, carnauba wax, and coconut oil.

Sea salt is another ingredient, rendering a deep salty flavor with hints of lime and other fruits made to mimic a margarita with its salt-encrusted glass. Sounds disgusting, I know. But for me the flavor was oddly agreeable during work outs, where I often crave salty foods.

To ward off muscle cramping, many athletes take sodium supplements when working out or competing. Margarita Bloks — which contain 70 milligrams of sodium apiece — serve as a replacement or alternative to salt pills, according to Clif Bar & Co.

Beyond the Margarita flavor, the company (www.clifbar.com) has seven additional Bloks flavors, from lemon-lime to cola. Clif Bar & Co. developed Bloks for athletes as a middle-ground option between sticky energy gels and chewy power bars. I’ve personally been quite pleased with the compromise.

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