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MTN Dew Launches ‘Outdoor Gear’ Rewards — You’re Gonna Have to Drink A LOT

How many points, cans, and dollars will it take to score this MTN Dew gear? Find out!

mtn dew closeup can(Photo/Joe.C via Flickr)
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Soda companies hiding codes in caps for rewards is nothing new. But when MTN Dew teamed up with some high-profile brands to badge its own line of outdoor gear — cleverly named “MDOG” — I took notice. If you don’t mind the MTN Dew aesthetic, neon green-on-midnight black — you could earn a Hydro Flask bottle, The North Face sleeping bag, GoPro camera, or even a Polaris off-road side-by-side or Alumacraft motorboat.

But “earn” is a tricky word, and with gear being such a high-ticket expense, to begin with, I dug into just how much you’d have to spend (and drink!) to score this swag. So, here’s a rundown of the gear you can get if you really love MTN Dew, but be aware that you might be better off just buying it.

camp chef mountaineer stove

MTN Dew Outdoor Gear

MTN Dew has dabbled in the outdoors before. In 2020, the brand gave away $100,000 to a collection of outdoor nonprofits. And it still hosts its Dew Tour action sports contests annually.

But with the launch of this year’s MDOG lineup, the brand looks to have really upped its gear cred.

To get the gear, you have to collect points. And to do that, you have to buy specially marked products, including 12-, 15-, and 24-can packs of MTN Dew and flavors like Maui Blast and Frost Bite. Read all about the rules and points on the MDOG promotion page.

While the program includes plenty of low-hanging fruit, like sunglasses holders and luggage tags, more ambitious adventurers will have their eyes on some bigger ticket items. But for comparison’s sake, here’s a breakdown of the cost of “earning” the gear through Dew purchases, versus the actual cost of the gear.

For the sake of my own sanity (and far less math), we’re going to assume a 24-pack costs about $12. Remember, each 24-pack earns 1,000 points.

hydro flask mtn dew

8,000 Points (192 Cans) – $96

24,000 Points (576 Cans) – $288

70,000 Points (1,680 Cans) – $840

gopro mtn dew camera

245,000 Points (5,880 Cans) – $2,940

biolite firepit mtn dew

740,000 Points (17,760 Cans) – $8,880

Up to now, there doesn’t seem to be nearly enough value to embark on earning MDOG points. However, if you have your sights set on the tippy top, there actually appear to be some good deals available to you — assuming you don’t lose money on the freight and fuel costs necessary to acquire the massive quantities of soda.

polaris rzr sport mtn dew

If you know you’re going to drink a lot of Dew, you may as well log those points. But keep in mind, that this promotion only runs through the end of the year, so keep track of those points! And if you do manage to snag a MTN Dew fishing boat, let us know — we might be looking for a review!

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