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Photo courtesy of MTN DEW.

MTN DEW Announces Recipients of DEW Outdoor Grants

Pepsi-owned MTN DEW just pledged $100,000 to nonprofits working in outdoor conservation and preservation.

MTN DEW has been working to recognize outdoor conservation efforts with its DEW Grants Program. The program, which began in September and ended on October 25, has finally announced the winning recipients.

Here is the list of nonprofits:

The grants total $5,000 per organization. MTN DEW plans to continue the grants program next year.

About the DEW Grants Program

The MTN DEW Outdoor Grants program awards Heartland-based outdoor organizations a total of $100,000 in grant funds. To be considered, all eligible nonprofits must apply or be nominated by a third party.

“Whether through wildlife conservation, environmental preservation or outdoor recreation, all nonprofits share a common goal of enhancing and protecting the great outdoors,” MTN DEW wrote. “MTN DEW‘s long-term goal is to assist these organizations in commemorating the lands we love.”

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