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Do These ‘Rogue’ Sandals Rival Chacos? Forsake Sandals Review

When the terrain is right and heavy hiking boots aren't required, hiking sandals can be an excellent choice of footwear. Here's why the Forsake Rogue Sandals are now my top choice.

Hiking in the Forsake Rogue sandals; (photo/Mary Murphy)
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For all of us at GearJunkie, 90% of the time, we are impartial to gear. It’s kind of the job. It doesn’t matter what brand, or what model shoe, or what fabric tech we use — we test it all on a daily basis, all the time.

There are very few instances where I know, off the bat, I have a favorite. It’s always something I’ve used or worn for years and I know will hold up to various outdoor adventures. It has to fit well, and be comfortable and versatile. It has to be well-built. And it has to be really great gear. There’s not a whole lot of gear on my “favorites” list.

I can name one, though: the sturdy, durable, tackle-anything sandal; the vetted, do-all camp shoe; my all-summer-long footwear. The classic and humble Chaco.

But now, there are also some newer sandal options out there that hope to build on the sandal empire that Chaco has created. Can the Chaco be rivaled? Can it be beat? And will the Forsake Rogue be the shoe to do it?!

In short: Obviously, I am a huge Chacos fan. But the Forsake Sandals really impressed me with their comfort, design, and performance. Very quickly, they’ve become a strong competitor in the sandal game. The Forsake Rogue Sandals offer a lot of similarities to Chacos. But they also have a few great differences in the strap design and weight that for me, put them over the edge. And, at a lower price.

Forsake Rogue Sandals


  • Materials Recycled PET mesh; recycled PET webbing; EVA, Bloom algae (15%) and recycled EVA (15%) midsole; metal strap hook
  • Drop 8 mm
  • Sizes Unisex EU 37-47; 4-13 (men's), 5-15 (women's)
  • Claimed weight 15 oz.
  • Verified weight 16 oz. (M6/W8)


  • Comfortable all around, especially footbed
  • Easy-to-adjust straps
  • Strap tails don't get in the way
  • Great traction
  • Great for water activities or trail
  • Incorporates sustainable materials
  • Lightweight


  • Not as many styles/patterns
  • Can't comment on long-term durability

Forsake Rogue Sandals Review

Generally speaking, all of the gear we review is great. What sets good gear apart from great gear is in the details. There are a lot of reasons why I love Chacos as much as I do. The straps are adjustable, and there are various strap choices (toe loop or no loop?). The lugs and traction are fantastic. The outsole is solid and durable. It’s easy to find your fit.

I’ve section-hiked various trails in Chacos, including the Colorado Trail and AT. I’ve paddled the Green River and the Colorado River, and I’ve circumnavigated the largest reservoir in Colorado. If I’m SUPing, kayaking, hiking, or camping, you’ll probably find my Chacos nearby. My Chacos have been to six countries and counting (and they aren’t falling apart, after 5 years of frequent and hard use). I even hiked the Everest Trail in Chacos — a story for another day.

So, when Foresake reached out about its new Chaco-style sandal, I was intrigued. But I wasn’t convinced. I needed to test them out for myself and see how they compared to my favorite active sandals.

My pair of Z/Cloud 2 Chacos, 5 years and counting; (photo/Mary Murphy)

What Makes a Great Sandal?

Sandals aren’t the most technical gear I test. They can’t really compare to climbing harnesses, mountain bikes, skis, or shells.

That being said, footwear is pretty dang important. Just like you’d want to break in a hiking shoe, get the insulation you need for a hunting boot, make sure you get your ski boot liners properly molded, or ensure that you have the right support or insole for running, you need sandals to be functional and comfortable.

You can tell a pair of shoes isn’t working for you pretty quickly — usually within the first few steps on the trail. If the sizing or fit is off, or if there are any design flaws that lead to things like rubbing, it’s obvious.

Forsake Rogue sandals in a field of wild dandelions; (photo/Mary Murphy)

And some shoes like hiking boots may take some time to break in. You may not notice any quirks, pain points, lack of support, or failures until mile 30 or 40. Again, this is what separates the good gear from the great. What happens after mile 40, 50, or even mile 100? Are the shoes still supportive? Is the sole still strong? Are they still standing?

With hiking shoes and sandals like these that I plan to hike in or otherwise put lots of miles on, I need to do the same level of testing. After all day in water or mud, did these sandals survive? Are they easy to clean, and look to be in about the same (read: durable) condition after being exposed to the elements? And after 20 miles of walking, how did the Forsake Rogue sandals fair?

The Forsake Rogues are easily light enough to attach to a backpack.

Rogues in Testing: The Results

Arguably, this was one of the most rigorous tests I’ve conducted lately. I pushed the technical and “performance” capabilities of the Foresake Rogue sandals; wearing them at least twice a week since receiving them. I took them paddling, walking, hiking, scrambling, and traveling. I took them across rivers, lakes, mountains, and trails. The Forsake Rogue Sandals came with me on ski days (après ski shoes), kayak and SUP sessions, hikes, a road trip, and on one occasion supported my feet all day in an airport.

In short, this is what makes the Forsake sandals great:

  • They are much lighter weight compared to Chaco’s.
  • No break-in period.
  • They have slightly wider (but still lightweight) straps.
  • The heel strap is padded! Though it is not adjustable.
  • They use more recycled/sustainable materials than Chaco does.
  • The straps are secure! No flapping or extra strap tail.
  • Foresake Rogues come at a great price.

Aspects of the Rogue sandals that are equal to or on par with Chacos:

  • Have a very comfortable footbed.
  • Offer great tread/traction.
  • Allow you to still achieve a fun sandal tan.
The metal buckle on the Rogue sandals; (photo/Mary Murphy)

So, What’s the Catch?

I know you’re thinking, “Really? There are no cons with the Rogue Forsake sandals?”

I do have a few. But they are all pretty minimal, and may not apply to all users. For example, Forsake doesn’t offer wide sizes. I have narrow feet, so this didn’t affect my experience with the shoes but may be more relevant for others.

Something else I noticed that could be a con, but didn’t have any issues with is the buckle. The buckle is metal (yay, no plastic!). So in very high heat or desert or beach sand, it could get hot. This is something to consider. Also, one of our male testers managed to bend the metal hook on his Rogue sandals (somehow). It’s now slightly askew, but that hasn’t caused any issues with the strap slipping off, coming unbuckled, or loosening.

Lastly, there are only four color options, all with the same strap material and pattern. Honestly, I think the variety of the four colors is great, and don’t see this as a con. Really, it’s more of a limitation on style preferences.

And that’s it. The Forsake Rogues are an epically capable sandal otherwise!

Forsake Rogue Sandal: Conclusion

(Photo/Mary Murphy)

I really can’t praise these sandals enough. If you’ve never worn Chacos or don’t think they are comfortable, try these! Forsake’s Rogue sandals are a stellar alternative. A round of applause for the brand for making its “first” sandal that fits, wears, and works so well.

If I had to guess, I’d say I put at least 50 days of testing into the Rogue sandals over a couple of months. I’ve worn them in various weather conditions: sun, rain, water, dry trails, and mud. And as we mentioned before, we even had two editors put in some testing.

While they are fantastic so far (there is some scuffing and visible fray already to the rubber at the toes), I can only hope they stay that way and offer long-lasting durability for many adventures to come. For now, Chacos are still the most durable sandal I’ve worn.

If that happens, watch out. The Forsake Rogue Sandals may be the best sandal ever made. They’ll hopefully impress, surprise, and delight you no matter where you are wearing them — as they did for me.

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