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Irish Setter Wingshooter Upland Hunting Boots Review

Irish Setter Wingshooter boots over an icy field
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The Irish Setter Wingshooter is a solid mid-weight hunting boot capable of covering significant miles for bird hunters who like to stretch their legs.

I’d never seen anything like this ice. South Dakota had been struck with a storm that coated every surface with glittering, sparkling ice more than an inch thick. Every blade of waist-high grass was covered with a sheath of thick ice. It was beautiful, like a world suddenly covered in glass.

But it made walking nearly impossible. With every step came the sound of shattering chandeliers.

Irish Setter Wingshooter hunting boot side
(Photos/Sean McCoy)

This is the environment that tested the Irish Setter Wingshooter upland hunting boots.

In short: The Irish Setter Wingshooter ($200) combines a durable leather upper with a pliable but supportive sole. It gives upland bird hunters a comfortable boot for big days in the field with a few minor downsides.

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Testing the Irish Setter Wingshooter Upland Hunting Boots

The Wingshooter boots were designed to offer the hunter all-day comfort and support to cover large distances on the search for game. On that day in South Dakota, plus several more through fall 2022, they proved they could take on tough conditions.

The boots were comfortable and reasonably light, yet strong enough to support my feet on the treacherous surface. They proved very waterproof. My feet stayed dry, and these boots provided good support for my ankles, keeping me steady on the ice.

Irish Setter Wingshooter Boots in field with ice top view
Testing the Irish Setter Wingshooter boots after a South Dakota ice storm; (photo/Sean McCoy)

The Wingshooter is an uninsulated boot but has a nylon lining, so it kept my feet fairly warm on cold days as long as I kept moving. We were outside all day with temps in the teens, and my feet were plenty warm. That said, I don’t get cold feet easily. Your mileage may vary.

I’m accustomed to covering long miles while upland bird hunting. But the ice later kept our walks short. Every step was like walking through knee-deep quicksand while wearing ankle weights. So our walks tended to be short. We found lots of birds and covered a few miles on our first day.

But the Wingshooter boots did impress me. They kept me safe, comfortable, and warm on the icy terrain, proving that they were up to the challenge.

They did measure up short in one area, and that was traction. The Wingshooter has very short lugs for a hunting boot. And while they proved sufficient, I found myself slipping from time to time on the slick ground.

Wingshooter Boot Review

I beat the heck out of my boots. My crew walks a long way every day, to the point that many of my buddies have abandoned our bigger hunts.

And so far, the Wingshooter has held up respectably. The leather definitely shows wear, but it’s as I would expect after several big days in the field.

Irish Setter Wingshooter sole
The sole after a half-season of testing in real-world hunting conditions; (photo/Sean McCoy)

It’s worth noting that I always hunt upland birds while also wearing gaiters. If you haven’t, well, do it. Gaiters keep your laces tied. They keep crud from falling into your boots. Ultimately, they keep you going a lot longer, so they are absolutely worth the investment.

But for testing, they do give boots an advantage. Gaiters protect the upper very well. So just know that my durability assessment is made while using gaiters.

Beyond somewhat lacking traction, the Wingshooter is a darned nice boot. It kept my feet comfortable on several long days in very tough conditions.

Irish Setter Wingshooter Boot Specs

  • Height: 7″
  • Waterproof: UltraDry waterproofing system
  • Leather type: Full Grain, Waterproof
  • Construction: Goodyear leather welt
  • Footbed: Removable polyurethane
  • Shank: Steel
  • Outsole: Prairie-White
  • Lining: Moisture-wicking nylon
  • Country of origin: Made in Vietnam

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