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LOWA Breaks New Ground With Its First Trail Running Shoes

This debut trio of shoes includes trail runners designed for comfort, speed, and versatility — all built upon the brand's mountain performance DNA.

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LOWA is leveraging its legacy as a boot brand into its ATR (All Terrain Running) line of trail running shoes. The three ATR models — the Citux, Amplux, and Fortux — cover different use cases, from everyday runs on rocky terrain to races on steeps.

The shoes carry over some of the brand’s protective details in the seamless upper, carbon-reinforced rebound plates, and a grippy sole with slight variations to match their intended use.

Read on for more details and to see which ATR shoes are right for your flavor of running.

Check Out the LOWA All Terrain Running Shoes
trail running LOWA ATR peak

LOWA ATR Development

Part of the development process for LOWA’s ATR shoes included trail run testing with the brand’s ambassadors and athletes. Then, it advanced to the proving ground phase.

In August, LOWA athletes Max Seigal and Russell Henry wore the Amplux ATR on their way to first place in the 75-hour Expedition Colorado adventure race through the Rockies. There, they ran and trekked 73 miles in addition to the kayaking and mountain biking legs of the race. All told, they conquered a total of 194 miles and 27,756 feet of elevation.

Now, the ATR line is fine-tuned and ready for purchase.

Below is a quick rundown of LOWA’s quiver of trail running shoes.


ATR Key Features

All of the ATR shoes have the same insole and seamless REPTEX Sport upper. These uppers use a ripstop fabric for protection from rocks and have a polyurethane coating on the outside to hold them together in place of seams. This is meant to reduce potential friction points and shed a bit of weight.

LOWA cribs its TRAC sole from its hiking boots. Rubber outsoles should prove sticky in wet and dry conditions alike, including steep terrain. The three ATR shoes share this outsole as a base but have different treads designed to match an intended use.

LOWA Dyneva is one of the brand’s polymer compounds used in its midsoles for cushioning the force on heels and forefoot. The brand put a carbon-reinforced rebound plate in the midsoles to help return energy while protecting feet from sharp rocks and terrain underfoot. According to LOWA, the plates vary among the ATR shoes, with some using a bit of carbon for a one-two punch of rebound and weight savings.

Other features are for fit and protection. LOWA uses a molded heel counter for multidirectional stability and gives special attention to ankle anatomy, with lines shaped to provide support through an asymmetrical upper edge.

LOWA Trail Running Shoes


LOWA designed the Citux to emphasize speed and tackle light trail running on steep terrain, fast trails, and racing.

This race-ready model is the lightest ATR shoe and has a 4mm drop. It sheds some weight by using 20% carbon in the protective, energy-returning charger plate powering the midsole, according to the brand.

Consider this for highly technical terrains, steep races, or any fast-and-light runs.

Citux trail running shoe; (photo/LOWA)

Midsole: Full-length, high-rebound Dyneva midsole; charger plate mix of nylon and 20% carbon; EVA shell
Outsole: LOWA TRAC Agility
Drop: 4 mm
Stack Height: Heel 21.5 mm, Ball 17.5 mm
Weight: 249 g / 8.8 oz. (single shoe)


The Amplux is a mileage-minded shoe designed for everyday trail and cross-country running.

This is arguably the most all-terrain of the ATR shoes because it’s made for doing everything — from training to competition — over all kinds of cross-country surfaces. The goal is to address the needs of comfort, grip, and cushioning.

LOWA says you get the durable, breathable upper with a cushioned midfoot while keeping the weight close to 10 ounces. The stack height gets a bit higher and has a steeper 6mm drop.

Amplux trail running shoe; (photo/LOWA)

Midsole: Full-length, high-rebound Dyneva midsole; charger plate with nylon and 15% carbon; EVA shell
Outsole: LOWA TRAC Ultra
Drop: 6 mm
Stack Height: Heel 24.5 mm, Ball 18.5 mm
Weight: 294 g / 10.4 oz. (single shoe)


With an emphasis on longevity, this shoe’s cushioned ride is there to help on long runs, ultramarathons, and speed hikes.

The Fortux is your long-distance runner for rougher terrain, with padded protection in the upper and more midsole cushioning underfoot. It has a rocker to encourage your foot’s natural rolling motion. And on down days, it also doubles as a fast-and-light hiker.

This is the high-volume shoe among the three, which is noticeable in the increased stack height and, thus, slight addition of weight.

Fortux trail running shoe; (photo/LOWA)

Midsole: Rocker shaped high-rebound Dyneva
Outsole: LOWA TRAC Ultra
Drop: 6 mm
Stack Height: Heel 32.5 mm, Ball 26.5 mm
Weight: 309 g / 10.9 oz. (single shoe)

Mountain Legacy

LOWA makes mountain footwear for all types of uses, and the brand is betting on itself with its ATR trail running shoes. We haven’t tested these out, but they have our attention.

Trail runners familiar with LOWA’s hiking reputation for fit and durability should take a closer look at these when shopping for their next pair of running shoes.

Check out the LOWA All Terrain Running Shoes

This article is sponsored by LOWA Boots USA. Check out its ATR line of trail running shoes online.

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