Secret Tech: Saucony Winter-Running Shoe Review

Run with (more) confidence, over pavement, snow, and ice.

Saucony teamed up with Vibram to outfit its latest “high top” RAZOR ICE+ winter running shoes with the Arctic Grip sole.

The shoe-maker hoped Vibram’s “top secret” rubber compound would do for running shoes what it claimed to do for Wolverine Boots; namely, “make ice obsolete.”

We reviewed the RAZOR ICE+ while hiking and running on snow and ice. Check out the full Saucony RAZOR ICE+ review.

Saucony RAZOR ICE+

We found the shoes a marked upgrade from standard winter running shoes. The Arctic Grip sole is a better performer on wet ice and packed snow. But it is not a cure-all. “More grip” doesn’t necessarily mean “ultimate grip” — the rubber does add traction and some grip on ice, especially wet ice.

Compared to a regular shoe, there is a noticeable difference. We have yet to fall down this year running on snow with these shoes on.

The cinch-lace shoe tucked inside a zip-up, water-resistant (not waterproof) gaiter is a nice touch. As long as we stayed moving, the shoe-gaiter combo kept our feet warm to 10 degrees (F) and below.

The icy elephant in the room is the price. This level of tech and comfort come at a steep price: $180. But, if you’re a dedicated winter runner, these are among the best shoes you can find right now.