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Salewa Recalls Alp Trainer 2 Hiking Boots After Reports of Injury

a Salewa Alp Trainer 2 Mid GTX Boot(Photo/Salewa)
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More than 12,000 pairs of men’s and women’s Alp Trainer 2 Mid GTX hiking boots, sold in the U.S. and Canada, have been recalled.

If you own Salewa Alp Trainer 2 Mid GTX hiking boots, best check your production date. The brand recalled “less than 12,725 pairs” of the hiking boots (men’s and women’s models) due to a tripping hazard that can occur if the wearer laces them loosely or partially.

Per Salewa, “this number includes both Recalled AT2 Boots and AT2 Boots not subject to the recall. Salewa is in the process of identifying how many of the 12,725 pairs of boots are Recalled AT2 Boots.”

According to the brand, six people have suffered injuries as a result of the defect, and two users have tripped without incurring an injury.

“If the recalled AT2 Boots are laced loosely or untied, unlaced at the ankle support of the boot, not laced through the eyelet, or the lace hooks are left unlaced, etc., it is unlikely but possible that the lace hook on the inside of one boot can catch on a loose cable on the inside of the other boot, posing a tripping and/or fall hazard and risk of injury to the consumer,” wrote Salewa in the recall notice.

“Dealers should immediately stop selling the Recalled AT2 Boots, and consumers should immediately stop using the Recalled AT2 Boots.”

a side by side view of the recalled and non-recalled Salewa Alp Trainer 2 Mid GTX Hiking Boot
Left: A recalled Salewa Alp Trainer 2 Mid GTX Hiking Boot. Right: A newer, non-recalled version (manufactured after April 2022)

The recall does not apply to boots manufactured after April 2022. Consumers and dealers can return the defective products directly to Salewa for replacement with the most recent version of the Alp Trainer 2 Mid GTX.

Find Out If You Own Recalled Salewa Boots

Salewa is in the process of determining what the precise ratio is. In the meantime, here’s how to tell if your Alp Trainer 2 Mid GTX boots are subject to the recall.

the tongue of a recalled hiking boot

First, check for the production date on the inside tongue label of the boot. The date, printed on the label, starts with an “FS.”

Salewa indicated that the following numbers indicate the production date: the first number is the last digit of the production year, and the second number represents the month. So, FS 2-04 designates a production date of April 2022.

“All AT2 Boots with production dates FS 1-xx, FS 2-01, FS 2-02, and FS 2-03 are subject to recall,” Salewa specified.

Partial recalls include some men’s AT2 boots manufactured in fall 2022 and AT2 boots with production date FS 2-04. In the FS 2-04 production run, only men’s boots in black/black are subject to recall.

All AT2 boots with production dates starting with FS 2-04 and later (e.g., FS 2-05, 2-06, etc.) are not recalled, except men’s AT2 boots in black/black (which Salewa called the “Fall 22 AT2 Boots”).

SAIL, MEC, Ascent Outdoors, Moosejaw, Backcountry, Zappos, and Outland USA all sold affected units from March 2021 through October 2022. To replace your boots, call Salewa toll-free at 844-412-7013 or email AlpTrainer2@salewa.com.

To learn more about the issue and see if you’re entitled to a replacement pair of AT2 Boots, visit Salewa’s recall page.

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