Superfeet Stuart Shoe review

First Look: Insole Giant ‘Superfeet’ Jumps Into Shoe Market

For 40 years, Superfeet focused on making other brands’ shoes more comfortable with upgraded insoles. Now, it’s reinvigorating its own shoe line.

Superfeet Stuart Shoe review

Start simple. That appears to be the mantra behind the this year’s shoe relaunch from Superfeet, namely the Stuart. The casual sneaker is part of Superfeet’s 2017 shoe line that landed this spring.

We took the Stuarts for a spin—and a run, and a stroll—to see how they feel. Check out our video review and scroll down for more info.

Superfeet Stuart Review

As you might expect from an insole brand, Superfeet designed the Stuart, and all its 2017 shoes, from the inside out.

Superfeet Stuart Shoe review

Your foot rests on a “Supercork” insole, a blend of EVA foam and cork. It’s firm and just a bit bouncy. There’s also an additional cork wedge beneath the heel, which provides a little extra cushion when walking.

The soles use synthetic rubber that provided plenty of grip on pavement.

Superfeet Stuart Shoe review

A low-cut, mesh upper wraps around the foot, and was one of the best features in our test. While walking and running, the shoe was surprisingly breathable.

Aesthetically, the Stuarts work well as casual sneakers that won’t stand out like many neon-colored pure running shoes. Although, these won’t rival actual running shoes in performance. The casual styling was nice for relaxed functions and wearing around the office.

Superfeet Stuart Shoe review

The $120 Stuart will not replace your athletic shoes (and it isn’t supposed to). What it will do is serve as a very comfortable and breathable sneaker that supports some hustle on impromptu jogs.

It’s could be a great shoe for those who spend long hours on their feet for work. Retail workers, nurses, checkout-counter folks, or any of the myriad jobs that require lots of standing or walking should find this shoe a good candidate.

Check the Superfeet site for more information and try out a pair of your own.

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