30 Meters Deep: Freediver ‘Wingsuits’ Underwater

Experience the underwater world through this professional freediver’s latest stunt. No fins, no oxygen, no problem.

Danish athlete Stig Pryds is a freediving beast — a quiet, calm, and collected human submarine. One of the world’s best freedivers, he can swim to a depth of 100 m without oxygen.

But as you watch, you’ll quickly realize he’s not swimming; he’s gliding into another world. His “who needs wingsuits?!” feat is more artful than we imagined.

At one point in his life, Pyrds needed a wheelchair due to arthritis. But in 2013, he began recovering from his joint pain (and pain medication use) and started diving. He’s now a competitive freediver.

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My heart rate falls to a minimum. My body goes to standby. The brain activity decreases. I am free,” said Pryds. He has broken all the Danish depth records, diving to 102, 103, then 105 m at Vertical Blue in the Bahamas.

Pryds’ poise and focus during his dive are — dare we say — breathtaking.

Mary Murphy

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