Retro Fashion: Rent 1980s’ ‘Onesie’ For Your Ski Trip

‘For the last few years, we have impulsively picked up eccentric onesies from thrift shops in Aspen, Vail, and Park City.’ — buyer for GetOutfitted.


A trend of seeking out and skiing in goofy vintage clothing — including gaudy one-piece ski suits from the ’80s — has hit ski areas across the West. Starting today, GetOutfitted will rent you a retro suit for $25 a day.

Enter the Onesie, one of the more beloved and strange ski outfits from the 80s. If you have one, you’d likely rock the look once a year, maybe while pond skimming at your favorite resort.

Onesie 80s rental

But if you don’t, it’s not one of those items that many people want to spend money to buy or store year-round in the closet.

GetOutfitted, a gear-rental company that ships loaned equipment direct to your home, now offers onesies. Definitely the first time we’ve heard of this outerwear category in the rental market.

Onesie rental 3

GetOutfitted, which launched earlier this year, is a unique business in the rental market aimed at those who only need a piece of gear occasionally, like the skier who heads out West once a year.

Beyond The Retro Look

Outside of onesies, it rents complete outfits of ski apparel, skis, snowshoes, goggles, tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, and more.


The onesie addition to the line is available starting today, Feb. 1. There are more than a dozen styles for men and women.

As noted above, the company has purchased “eccentric onesies” from thrift shops in Aspen, Vail, and Park City.

“When we realized the collection had grown to a whopping 22+ onesies, we brought up the idea of adding them to the rental platform,” noted the brand. The onesies were in mint condition, exceptionally warm, and irresistibly fun to wear “so why not prolong their landfill-doom by offering them a few last runs?”

Onesie rentals cost $25 a day. Learn more about these and other gear for use from

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