Amazfit HomeStudio with Smart GLASS Screen set up in front of connective Treadmill

Treadmill’s Life-Size Screen Brings Real-World Coach to Your Home

The Amazfit HomeStudio, a connected-fitness home studio composed of a treadmill and smart screen, debuted at CES 2020 this week.

Huami, a wearable fitness device brand, just partnered with STUDIO digital fitness programs to create a home studio with an immersive experience. The home studio, called Amazfit, involves AI technology, smartphone integration, and surround sound.

The Amazfit HomeStudio’s core technology is the GLASS, a 43-inch HD screen with connective technology. The smart glass screen pairs with both your smartphone and the treadmill to display fitness classes, real-time metrics, and more.

Other than the GLASS screen and digital components, the system consists of a simple, minimalist treadmill. The treadmill has a slat belt system that can run up to 12 mph. Users can also choose the option of upgrading to the Amazfit AirRun, a foldable treadmill that runs up to 9 mph.

Amazfit HomeStudio

STUDIO Fitness With the Amazfit

But the Amazfit isn’t just for runners. Members can also use the GLASS screen separately from the treadmill to take other digital fitness classes. STUDIO offers over 1,000 classes across categories like treadmill, sculpt, stretch, and yoga.

“We want to bring the latest in fitness to our users, through products and services they can count on,” said Wang Huang, CEO of Huami.

The Amazfit launched at CES and will be available to consumers this year. The brand hasn’t announced pricing for this connective home studio, but it will be available soon.

Mary Murphy

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