Stuck on Space? 4 Workouts to Try When Traveling

These travel-friendly workout sessions can be done almost anywhere. And you don’t even need equipment to do them.

Next time you’re stuck in a hotel room or have some downtime between meetings, give these workouts a try. In this video, fitness trainer Luka Hocevar guides us through a series of bodyweight workouts that can be done almost anywhere. (Yes, he’s doing the circuit in a gym, but you don’t need a gym or equipment to follow along.)

His philosophy is simple: “Do as much as you can with what you’ve got. You’ve got your body, and, many times, that’s all you need.” Whether you’re doing these workouts for strength or general exercise, they’ll get the job done.

Seriously, you can do these quick workouts in a hotel room, in the office, or at a roadside rest stop. For the first exercise, get creative: sub in a couple of books for weights and a towel or pillow as a mat, and you’re good to go.

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