Wear Anywhere: Fitness Sensor Gathers Data From the Body, Not Just the Wrist

WHOOP, a fitness wearable that tracks your workouts, sleep, and recovery, just released its newest sensor. The WHOOP 4.0. is now 33% smaller, with better battery life and improved features.

The new WHOOP sensor gives anyone interested in tracking their activity, sleep, and recovery more functionality. Plus, users can now wear WHOOP off-wrist with WHOOP Body, apparel that holds the fitness tracker against other areas of the body, not just the wrist.

For decades, fitness wearables have been tied to your wrist. (There’s the exception of heart-rate sensors worn around the chest, but those wearables tend to have a singular function.) The new WHOOP Body collection gives users a multitude of other options, with clothing that has a special pocket for the WHOOP sensor that holds it against your skin.

WHOOP Body collection pocket

WHOOP Body Collections: Training and Intimates

WHOOP will offer two different collections. The training collection consists of compression tops and shorts, sports bras, and leggings. The Intimates collection (for men and women) includes bralettes and boxer shorts offered in two fabrics: Pima cotton and a poly Lycra.

WHOOP-compatible clothing uses the same WHOOP wrist sensor minus the strap and hardware, which you can add on later.

WHOOP Body collection pocket - Training and Intimates

Whether you wear WHOOP on your wrist or elsewhere on your body, WHOOP 4.0’s new features are legit. It has an upgraded sensor configuration that balances green and infrared lights with five LEDs, four photodiodes, and advanced algorithms to provide more precise heart-rate measurements. The sensor also tracks blood oxygen and skin temperature.

And it has a vibrating alarm.

Set the WHOOP to wake you up at a given time. And if you’re able to leave some leeway, say 15 minutes after your chosen wake-up time, if the sensor detects you’re in a critical sleep cycle, WHOOP lets you sleep in.

WHOOP 4.0 sleep tracker

WHOOP Body ranges from $54 to $109. There’s also WHOOP Strap — which includes a strap, sensor, and buckle — if you decide to wear your WHOOP on the wrist as well. The strap comes with the WHOOP Body membership, which starts at $18 per month.

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