Smash-able BRIK With Knife Inside Might Be Most 2020 Gift Yet

Feeling frustrated by a tumultuous year? The BRIK might not be the cure for COVID, but at least it’ll let you blow off some steam.

We stumbled across this unique gift online while watching election results and immediately figured, yes, a lot of people might appreciate this right now. The BRIK might be the most 2020 gift idea yet.

And while it’s kind of silly, there are a few fun elements that make the BRIK a reasonable present for the person who has everything and an extra helping of anxiety.

BRIK: Smash This Present

Simple and clever, BRIK is just that, a brick. Hidden inside are a pocket knife and a unique code. Smash open the BRIK however you like to reveal your prize and code.

You enter the code online for a chance to win a second pocket knife, which is much more valuable than the one included with the BRIK (and also way more than the MSRP of $30). So far, BRIK has awarded knives like the Benchmade North Fork and Griptilian.

That’s about all there is to it.

BRIK doesn’t reveal what kind of knife is hidden inside the BRIK but just notes that it’s a “high-quality pocket knife.” For $30, you probably can’t go too far wrong.

Beyond that, BRIK donates a portion of sales to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Think someone you know needs a cheap pocket knife and a few moments of destruction? Here’s an option.

You can even get a label printed “F**K 2020” on the BRIK. Grab one for $30 here.

Sean McCoy

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