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Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro Review: A Cellular Trail Cam for the Deer Junkie

Where legal, cellular trail cameras have become a go-to tool for a lot of deer hunters.

Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro(Photo/Moultrie Mobile)
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They eliminate the headache of regular trail cams, which involve frequent checks, leaving your scent, and the occasional failed or stolen SD card. Of course, sifting through dozens of squirrels, windblown weeds, and other non-deer photos also comes with the territory.

Except for Moultrie Mobile’s feature-rich Edge Pro, which not only gives you real-time deer data but also eliminates false triggers, unwanted squirrel pics, and the headache of swapping out sim cards to find service. I’ve been running this camera all season, and I’ve been impressed with the Edge Pro’s reliability and hunter-friendly app that boasts a ton of features.

In short: The Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro’s reliable cell connection and intuitive app features allow you to pattern deer and compile historical data while mitigating pressure in hunting areas.

Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro Cellular Trail Camera


  • Cloud storage (No SD)
  • Live aim smartphone pairing
  • Trigger speed 0.5 second
  • Auto connect
  • Image stamping
  • Batteries 8 or 16 AA
  • False Trigger Elimination (FTE)
  • Photo 36MP resolution
  • Video FHD 1080p
  • 2-year warranty
  • Pairs with Moultrie Mobile App


  • Intuitive app
  • Pairs with best cell carrier available
  • Excellent battery life
  • Great price


  • Slow trigger speed

Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro Cellular Trail Camera: Review

Moultrie Mobile Cam Images
(Photo/Moultrie Mobile)

Testing the Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro

This fall I’ve been running both the Moultrie Mobile Edge and Edge Pro on one of the properties I hunt. I let both cameras soak for 3 months in historically proven travel routes. For testing purposes, I observed trigger speeds, image quality (particularly at night), and the cellular connection compared to other brands I’ve tried in the past. While I haven’t dealt with many sub-freezing temps, the Edge Pro (as of December) still has a 98% battery life.

Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro Cellular Trail Camera view
(Photo/Adam Moore)

Moultrie Mobile App

Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro App
(Photo/Moultrie Mobile)

Perhaps the best thing about this camera is the Moultrie Mobile app. Not only does it allow you to use the Smart Capture feature, which only sends you images you want to see (i.e., buck, doe, turkey), but it also compiles a complete data list of when deer move through the area during specific times and conditions.

This feature makes it easy to pattern deer on your property, especially if you’re running multiple cameras. Organization options also allow you to compile data based on cameras, species, or buck/doe pics. If you nerd out on historical data, spreadsheets, or journal logs, you’ll find much to love about this app.

Cellular Connection

One of the cool and convenient things about the Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro is its ability to connect to the best available carrier automatically. This means you don’t have to fumble around with other sim cards or stink up an area you’re trying to preserve.

While early cellular cameras struggled with connection issues, the Edge Pro has been one of the most consistent cellular cameras I’ve used in this regard. I currently have a fair to good connection with the Edge Pro in an area where at least two other brands failed to provide any.

Trigger Speed

(Video/Adam Moore)

While the Edge Pro captured almost everything that passed through, there were several instances where I received a photo or video of a deer butt exiting the frame. Most of these were within 10 feet of the camera, too.

While this might not be an issue with most deer, if you’re trying to get confirmation of an elusive, mature buck, you may only get a few chances to do so. It’s also worth noting that this occurred in mild temperatures, with 27 degrees being the lowest. I would expect that even lower temps wouldn’t help this issue.

Image Quality

With 36MP resolution, the Edge Pro offers great daytime photos and good nighttime pics. However, photos with deer positioned at least 35 feet away during the night did decline in quality. Just something to consider when you set up your camera over a travel route or in brushy areas. Otherwise, I’ve been pleased with the picture quality.

What the Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro Does Best

The ability to connect to any carrier (without a sim) makes the Edge Pro an excellent option. Deer hunting consists of a ton of moving pieces, so simplifying the camera process means one less thing to worry about. Aside from the camera itself, the Moultrie Mobile app makes operating the camera a breeze, and there’s zero guesswork when it comes to setup. The fact that it compiles deer movement data eliminates more guesswork.

For type A people, the organization in the app makes accessing your data or multiple cameras easy, and I haven’t had any issues with the Edge Pro functioning when I changed settings through the app.

Where the Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro Can Improve

My only gripes about the Edge Pro concern the trigger speed and the detection range at night, which seemed inconsistent. Otherwise, this camera packs a ton in an affordable package.

Final Thoughts

For hunters who want to map and pattern the deer movement on their property, running the Moultrie Mobile Edge or Edge Pro makes it easy to do just that. Hunters who want to go crazy could even cast a wide net of cameras to hone this process even more. If you’re looking for an efficient method to pattern deer, this camera should give you an edge.

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