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Improve Your Waterfowl Game With the onX Hunt App

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Scouting is key to any successful waterfowl hunt. And onX Hunt can help you see all the possibilities — on water or land — whether you’re deep in the field or prepping at home.

When it comes to hunting waterfowl, positioning is key. Luckily, there are now tools to make scouting easier than ever thanks to the onX Hunt App. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your scouting time and find success in the sky.

Aerial Imaging: Survey for Large Flocks


The onX Hunt App‘s aerial imagery provides a detailed visual understanding of the landscape that topo maps simply can’t provide. By digging into the aerial imagery, you can choose an area you’d like to hunt as well as scope out both travel and hunting opportunities.

If you’re hunting from a boat, you can use the map to determine the best possible route from water to a hunting spot. If you’re hunting on land, you can see if there are any trails that might provide quick access for hiking.

You can also use aerial imagery to survey for areas that might attract large flocks of birds. Perhaps there’s a food source the birds might be drawn to or a good resting place to sit in the midst of migration. Aerial imagery helps you pin down these potential honey holes prior to setting eyes on them.

Map Layers: Find Public Land and Access


Public access was far more difficult to determine prior to the days of onX. With public land layers, you can determine all sorts of new places to check out.

From national forests to wildlife refuges to national recreation areas, the onX public land layer details not only what type of land you’re looking at but also how to best access it. And from boat launches to trailheads to public roads, it’s simple to figure out the quickest legal route to a new hunting spot.

You can also use the private land feature to determine ownership of certain areas. And by having access to the name of the landowner, you just might be able to politely and courteously ask for special access.

Map Saving Features: Prep for the Field

My personal favorite aspect of onX Hunt is that you can save maps for areas that are likely beyond the range of cell service. Not only can you save multiple maps of particular areas, but you can also save waypoints, tracks, line distances from point to point, shapes within an area of likely habitat, and your personal location. Within these, you also denote certain pieces of information about saved areas.

onX waterfowl

Remember to save these maps prior to getting on the road. And if you can, use Wi-Fi to save on data use. But onX Hunt does allow you to save on the road when you have access to an LTE network.

This all comes with the onX Hunt App Elite Membership. For $100 per year, you get access to 50 state-specific maps and the most important features including curated layers, property boundaries, points of interest, custom waypoints, the ability to save offline maps, and more.

Now go forth and fill the freezer with the possibilities of duck a l’orange and corned goose. And let us know your tips and tricks for a better waterfowling experience in the comments.

This article is sponsored by onX. See what new successes you can scout with the onX Hunt App.

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