Hydro Flask Water Bottles Are Awesome, and Now Half Price

Hydro Flask Water Bottles Are Awesome, and Now Half Price

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The brand Hydro Flask makes some great products. And now you can score some at REI at a crazy discount. Check out the 3 great deals in the current Hydro Flask Sale.

If you’ve owned a Hydro Flask, you probably know it’s a great water bottle (or metal pint glass, or growler). They work great, as validated by 4-plus-star ratings on pretty much all of the brand’s products sold at REI.

So if you’re in the market for a water bottle or similar vessel that will keep your drinks cold through the hot summer months, now’s the time to score.

The sale has limited numbers of discounted Hydro Flask products, so don’t wait if you want one of these deals. Colors and styles are limited, but quite a few options remain. Shop around to find discounted products, and note you might have to pick specific colors to get the deal.

Shop Hydro Flask On Sale

Check out a few of our favorite deals below.

Hydro Flask Sale

Hydro Flask 32 & 40 oz. Wide Mouth Bottles: $20-21 (50% Off)

Let’s just hop in with the bottles that probably appeal to the most people. The wide mouth is a great shape. The vacuum insulation keeps cold stuff cold and hot stuff hot. It’s a durable, useful, all-around great choice if you need a water bottle. Get one in a 32- or 40-ounce size.

The on-sale colors are limited to orange, green, purple, and stainless steel. At half price, it should fit the bill nicely!

Hydro Flask 22 oz. Tumbler: $20 (50% Off)

The Tumbler is good for coffee, beer, tea, or any beverage in between. We’ve used them driving to work and sipping suds around the campfire. They work great, keep beverages at a steady temp, and won’t break when you drop them on a rock.

Get this one in green and save some green! It’s also available in “raspberry” and stainless steel colors.

Hydro Flask Wine Bottle: $22 (50% Off)

Never worry about breaking this wine bottle. The Wine Bottle holds 0.7 liters (25 fl. oz.) of wine – basically the size of a standard wine bottle. Its vacuum insulation keeps the temp steady even on hot days. Toss it in your camp kit and keep your bottle of red or white intact up those bumpy logging roads.

It’s also available for this price in dark green.