‘In The Hollow’: Chilling Tale Of Murder On The AT

In the spring of 1988, Claudia Brenner and Rebecca Wight embarked on the Appalachian Trail together to hash out life plans. They were in love. They could not know that their trip would become national news and only one would make it out alive.

“In The Hollow” is the award-winning short-film documentary that tells two stories: Wight and Brenner’s terrifying and tragic last days together, and Brenner’s healing return to the AT for the first time since the couple was stalked through the woods by Stephen Roy Carr a.k.a. the “Mountain Man” killer.

On May 13, Brenner, then 31, and Wight, 29, were camping in the Michaux State Forest when Carr shot them both, killing Wight and wounding Brenner. Brenner managed to escape, walking three miles to a nearby road for help.

Carr was eventually convicted and sentenced to life in prison. It was discovered that he had been living in a cave in the woods, giving rise to his moniker “Mountain Man.”

Adam Ruggiero

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