CRKT Cordite Compact favorite camping knife

My Go-To Camping Knife Is on Sale: CRKT Cordite Compact EDC for $30

I just recommended this knife to a friend, so now I’m recommending it to you. This is my go-to knife for camping and most outdoor pursuits. It’s burly as heck, great at prepping food, incredible at batoning, and affordable.

The CRKT Cordite Compact is a 6-inch, fixed-blade knife with a 3.2-inch blade. It uses 8Cr14MoV steel and has a nylon cord wrap handle.

CRKT Cordite Compact
You can remove any cord you don’t want

Normally, this blade costs $50. But Amazon has it for $30, saving you a pretty penny.

For the past 6 months, I’ve brought the CRKT Cordite Compact with me on almost all of my outdoor pursuits. I’ve used it to finely chop onions, peppers, and other food, strip wood off a stick to make a nice marshmallow skewer, and baton wood time and time again.

The fixed-blade style makes it great to pound into larger pieces of wood. This thing is virtually indestructible. For such a small blade, it holds itself well. Batoning with this blade is incredible.

Its steel, 8Cr14MoV, is very affordable and when ground appropriately can be a winner from a value standpoint. Learn more about 8Cr13MoV, a related steel, here.

CRKT Cordite Compact Fixed Blade Sale: $30

One day, I’m chopping kindling with this blade. The next, I’m slicing lime for my post-bike ride Pacifico. The CRKT Cordite Compact is versatile, burly, and, importantly, affordable.

CRKT Cordite Compact: $30 (40% Off)

CRKT Cordite Compact knife

See the CRKT Cordite Compact

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