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Victorinox Alox Bantam Review: The EDC Everyone Should Own

The Victorinox Alox Bantam reviewed here is an ideal tool for, well, everyone.

Victorinox Alox Bantam pocket knife(Photo/Anthony Sculimbrene)
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Let’s engage in a thought experiment. What EDC item would you recommend to anyone in the world? You want something broadly useful, inexpensive, highly versatile, with as few features as possible that would attract negative attention. And it needs to be exceedingly well made.

There are a lot of pieces of gear, but very few that fit all of those requirements. Lots of stuff is inexpensive, but not well made. Similarly, the reverse is also true. Many tools today, what with our specialization of work, are powerful but narrow (much to Robert A. Heinlein’s chagrin). 

Only a rarefied few items meet these criteria. One such EDC, and my recommendation for anyone on earth, is the brilliantly designed Victorinox Alox Bantam.

In short: The Victorinox Alox Bantam is the most minimal knife-based multitool around. It carries a supremely clever design with a decent-sized knife blade — all around an excellent multifunction implement in a tiny package.

Victorinox Alox Bantam Pocket Knife


  • Steel 1.4116 steel
  • Grind Full flat grind
  • Lock N/A, slipjoint non-locking mechanism
  • Blade length 2.3"
  • OAL 5.6"
  • Weight 1 oz.
  • Price Starting at $25
  • Country of origin Switzerland


  • User-serviceable steel
  • High-grip, high-durability handles
  • Compact form with little wasted space
  • Exceptional value


  • None. This knife is awesome for the money.

Victorinox Alox Bantam: Review

The Bantam is a variation of the classic Swiss Army Knife (“SAK”) formula with a pen blade and a single auxiliary implement. Well, perhaps not “single” — that implement serves as a wire stripper, flathead driver, Phillips driver, pry tool, and can opener. Both tools deploy via the unmistakable, classic nail nick.

Known among SAK aficionados as the 84/91 Combo tool, only a handful of reasonably sized SAKs carry it (though it is more common on discontinued models).

Despite all functionality found in the 84/91 Combo tool, it remains quite easy to use. The handle cover is Alox, a stamped and polished aluminum with an ultradurable film coating, available in multiple colors. 

By trimming down the tool to its most basic, Victorinox got the Bantam down to an ounce. That’s right — one measly ounce.

But perhaps even more impressive is the footprint of the knife. It is significantly thinner than a five-pack of gum and roughly the same length and width. 

Victorinox Alox Bantam Review
(Photo/Anthony Sculimbrene)

The power of the Bantam really lies in its size and Combo tool. The blade, of course, is good, but you can find it on a bunch of other SAKs. 

The star here is the Combo tool. The Bantam is both the smallest and cheapest SAK with the 84/91 Combo tool, giving it an advantage over other EDC favorites like the Cadet and Pioneer. 

That tool, combined with the ultralight ultraslim profile of the Bantam, makes it an underrated star of the Victorinox lineup.

Victorinox Alox Bantam: Conclusion

With a small price, excellent fit and finish, and a Combo tool that can do so much, literally everyone on earth could benefit from carrying the Alox Bantam. I highly recommend you try one for yourself.

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