10 Cuts: Working Pliers Carved From Solid Block Of Wood

A small-blade knife, a block of basswood, and knowhow passed down through generations. That’s what it takes to carve pliers out of wood.


It also takes 10 precise cuts. As seen in the video here with David Warther, the scoring of angles and with-the-grain cuts can create a hinged pair of pliers with handles and a pinching grip.


Warther Single Pliers are sold online for just $1.75 via Warther Cutlery in Dover, Ohio.

The cutlery company was founded in 1902. A family business, it is now operated by a fourth generation of Warthers.

David Warther, a master carver

The hand-carved wooden pliers are one of many wood wonders at the Warther Museum, where each visiting child gets a pair of pliers for free.

Stephen Regenold

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