‘Mind Surf’: Keeping the Stoke for Snow Alive

People are getting really creative with outdoor sports in self-isolation. And this snowboarder’s backyard project is a great example.

Professional snowboarder Louif Paradis lives in Quebec. And you might think that no matter what, the pros are venturing out of bounds to hit some sweet Canadian pow.

But that’s not true — just like us, lots of pros are staying home and finding ways to shred, from their couches to backyards.

In this short film, Paradis builds a homemade wooden rainbow rail out of a bent conifer tree. Take inspiration (and even some tips and tricks) from this boarder on how to keep your stoke for snowsports alive, whether you’re riding rails, ramps, or any other makeshift park features.

In the words of Paradis, “To each their own rainbow. Stay positive and have fun.”

‘Mind Surf’ From Home

“Mind Surf” was produced with help from Dakine, who is also hosting a Mind Surf Contest.

“We invite you to join us in mind surfing, as we patiently wait for our next day in the water or on the mountains — whenever that may be,” the brand wrote.

To participate and enter, visit the Mind Surf Contest page, follow Dakine on social media, and share what you’ve been up to at home.

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